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Broadlink WiFi Smart Home Hub RM Mini 3 IR Automation Learning Universal Remote Control Compatible with Alexa

23 de December de 2023

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Product Description


Control Your IR Appliances from Anywhere with Your Smartphone

BroadLink RM Mini 3 remote turns your smartphone into a universal remote and integrates control of home entertainment and automation devices in one easy-to-use free BroadLink App. BroadLink RM Mini 3 can work with Alexa. When paired with Alexa, RM Mini3 gives you hands-free voice control over your devices, like turning on/off your TV or turning up/down the volume via a voice command.

Supports 80,000+ IR controlled devices (IR only, no RF, compared with RM Pro+), including your TV, STB, DVD, AC, Audio, PVR, etc.Smaller but smarter: create the timer and scene as you need.Large IR (38kHz) database: cover 98% IR remote function, update automatically on cloud.Learning function: learn your remote controller if appliance model is not available.




IR Smart Universal Remote Hub

BroadLink RM Mini 3 is a smart IoT remote control that can be easily to install and use. With it, you can remote control various home appliances, such as Air Conditioner, TV, STB, Lighting, Audio, etc.

With the support of BroadLink Global Cloud service technology, it becomes easy and reliable to remote control you home devices from anywhere.

All-in-one Remote

Say goodbye to dozens of remote. Now you can combine the remotes of infrared home appliances in one RM mini 3, which turns your phone into the hub of your home control, allowing you to control all your IR home devices via a unified dashboard from anywhere.

Auto Match & Manual Learning Optional

Easy-to-use App

BroadLink is an easy-to-use app with an intuitive user interface.

Tap icon ⇒ Pop up shortcuts ⇒ Choose function to control




Set-up in 3-step

Download the App – BroadLink from App Store or Google Play (support IOS 8.0 / Android 4.0 and above) and configure the device according to the app instructions.

For the detailed set-up method, please visit BroadLink support page:

Work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Use it together with smart speaker Amazon Echo or Google home and operate home appliances with your “Voice”. When you are busy doing housework with your hands, voice control will be a great helper. Try to say “Alexa, turn on the TV” or “OK Google, turn on the air conditioner”.

Note: voice control is in limited functions, visit our support page for detailed supported appliances list. We will constantly update the list when new functions are available.

Control Multiple Devices in One App

The IR controlled range of RM Mini 3 remote hub is 360° and 26 ft (8 M) in direction to your appliances.

You can control multiple appliances in the room at the same time. Moreover, since the Mini 3 is connected with Wi-Fi, you can remotely control your home appliances with your smartphone from anywhere at anytime even when you are out.




Customize Your Scenes

Customize for your family with different scenes, one click for sleep scene, or leave for work scene, don’t bother to rush around. Enjoy a no hurry life. Set your timers for a game or TV show, never miss it.

Set a timer for AC to get a healthy sleeping and avoid getting cold.

Smarter AC

Do you feel uncomfortable due to the high temperature in hot days? It is also difficult for pets in Summer and they may get heat stroke when the temperature in the room is so high.

In such a case, use the Mini 3 to control the air conditioner from outside or set a timer for your lovely pets to prevent them getting heat stroke is really a good choice.

Safer Home

Returning at late night, is it safe to open a room without light?I got home late due to unexpected overtime work.I am worried that my home electricity power has not been turned off during a long trip.

Don’t worry. Your smart phone can solve all those problems now. You can remotely turn on/ off the power from the outside in such a case.




About BroadLink

As one of the leading IoT companies, BroadLink is continuously focusing on electrical gadgets, lighting control and universal remote solutions. We are also quite open with integration to Amazon Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT to enable controlling and automating your home in the smartest way.

BroadLink will continue to leverage its advantages in smart home solutions and bring more innovative and affordable products for each family.

Global Cloud Service

Industry’s top level development technology. BroadLink Patented Global Cloud Service technology enables fast and reliable operation.

Smartphone → Server → Remote Control Hub→ Home Appliance, BroadLink global cloud service makes sure the outstanding fast response and action for your command.

If you want to raise the volume, or lower the temperature, BroadLink products can always give out quick response, widely loved by more and more customers.

Get It Now

Installing a Remote Hub in each room, your household appliances will be turned into smart!

Installing a Remote Hub in each room, you can operate home appliances at anytime from anywhere.

With BroadLink App, you can not only easily operate home appliances in smart way, but also to share the settings with your family.

Control IR appliances with BroadLink App anywhere anytime. Set up timers to turn on/off appliances at a specific time or customize scenes with multiple devices. Turning your basic home devices into smart devices and making life smarter and more convenient. (Note: Please download the latest Broadlink App – BroadLink. The previous app e-Control does not work with Alexa. The RM Mini3 only supports 5V 1A adapter and 2.4 GHz (not 5 GHz) Wi-Fi for configuration in the App.
Compatible with Alexa to voice control your TV, STB, Air Conditioner and Fans; Compatible with Google Home to voice control your Air Conditioner.
Enable and schedule features on a daily basis and customizable for your needs.
1-year warranty, 24/7 unlimited technical support and Video Guide are available on YouTube and our Brand Page.