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Smart Home Energy Monitor with 16 50A Circuit Level Sensors | Vue – Real Time Electricity Monitor/Meter | Solar/Net Metering

7 de April de 2024

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Emporia ProductsEmporia Products

Low in price, High in features

Emporia creates high-quality home electrification products with the best features. We just don’t think we need to charge more for them.


Emporia was created with a vision.

To empower homeowners to save money while saving energy. We do that through highly complex, innovative home energy solutions made simple to use.

We believe it’s time to take the power back, and be rewarded for respecting our planet.

Emporia Smart Home EV ChargerEmporia Smart Home EV Charger

Award-winning EV Charger

Automate your Level 2 EV charging based on solar production, Time-of-Use plan, or peak demand goals to maximize your savings.

Emporia Vue Energy MonitorEmporia Vue Energy Monitor

Integrate, Automate & Control

Identify and manage wasted electricity to gain control over how energy is used throughout the day.

Emporia Smart PlugEmporia Smart Plug

Turn on greater savings.

Monitor and control your electronics and appliances anywhere, anytime. Plugs integrate easily with the Emporia Vue.

Emporia Utility ConnectEmporia Utility Connect

Supercharge your savings.

The Emporia Utility Connect syncs wirelessly to your utility’s smart meter to monitor and control your energy.

24/7 ENERGY MONITORING: Monitor your home’s real power anywhere, anytime to prevent costly repairs, conserve energy, and save costs. Monitor solar / net metering. Light commercial 3 phase option available as a separate bundle. PROTECTED BY A 1-YEAR WARRANTY.
APPLIANCE MONITORING WITHOUT GUESSWORK: Comes with sixteen (16) 50A sensors to accurately monitor your air conditioner, furnace, water heater, washer, dryer, range, etc.
LOWER YOUR ELECTRIC BILL: Gauge real-time spending and get actionable notifications to understand where you can save costs.
REAL-TIME ENERGY DATA: REQUIRES 2.4 GHz WIFI WITH AN INTERNET CONNECTION to monitor energy use with iPhone / Android / Web app. Vue sensors collect energy data and are accurate from ±2%. The Vue is UL and CE Listed for your safety. 1 second data is only available in the app (when actively open) and retained 3 hours. Minute and hour data are retained in the cloud. 1 minute data is retained 7 days, 1 hour data is retained indefinitely. Export cloud data whenever you want in the app.